21 mai 2008

13. Shaxi (Nina's Story)

While staying for 4 days in Shaxi we met a couple - a french man and chinese woman living for 8 years in Beijing.They arrived for 1 morning in Shaxi, and stayed 2 hours, as they knew it is an interesting place. They did a dozen photos of the old main square, read the exhibitions for the restoration of the village and left - content that they put a sign oppposite the name of the place in their itinerary.

With Damien we found a whole universe in the villages and the mountains around - waiting to be discovered... Dark and little grey mornings - the sun hiding below layers of clouds. Light showers from which the stony streets and houses of Shaxi are glittering. The fields around are glittering as well - yellow for the wheat, bright-green for the young rice fields, muddy-brown for these with just turned earth, silver for the once covered with plastic. Women with big hats, colourful clothes and pink boots, bent over the fields, planting the rice in the soft mud. Their silhouettes reflected in the water in which they stand - the colours and contours softened from the grey of the sky above them. Bulls with wet, thick skin turning the earth stubbornly - their owners running and whistling after them. Mountains standing all around - dark green, cut with many red clay paths. Everything looks slow, calm, quiet, infinite.

We were going in the mountains for 10 hours walks just with a bottle of water and there - high, lost between trees and fields - we were always discovering few houses full with animals and people, inviting us for a cup of tea and meal. We had lunch on the floor of the only room of the house. Our hosts, quiet: the man opposite us smoking slowly, his smiling face covered with smoke; the woman, with dark and dry skin from the mountain sun, cooking quietly, also with a smile. The rice was cooked in the fire made on the floor of the room. Hens, dogs and pigs were entering the dark room from time to time, trying to steal from our food. The time spent there for us was like a delicious meal. To live your days outside, always under the sky, filling up your eyes with all the colours of the the life: the colours of the fields, the mountains, the old houses, the people working all day, the beautiful and simple stone graves scattered around the hills - all this makes the life sweeter and sweeter and you want to take more and more from it - like when you cant stop eating the strawberry cream of the strawberry cake as with every spoon it becomes more and more deliciously irresistible...

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    Hello Damien,
    je découvre ton blog et le suis impressionné.
    Bravo à vous.
    J'espère à bientôt

    Posté par olivier, 23 mai 2008 à 16:13 | | Répondre
  • Hey Ninsh i Co,

    You should think of a way to make your trip and notes, pictures, impressions available for as many people as possible, as it's all such a treasure!

    I am glad you're all fine and it seems like China is bringing out the whole tranquility of the universe for you and luckily enough for all of us, who swing by here.

    Mnogo mua-ta,


    Posté par vlady, 24 mai 2008 à 06:16 | | Répondre
  • plus de photos!!

    salut les gars..
    it sounds like a dream, your travel..
    i need more photos to imagine it!! i ve been use to so many photos that i miss it a little this time
    i imaine that internet connection might be sometime thin..
    here in france, it s "mum" feast, under the rain in lyon. we take the time preparing the journey in greece in september..

    keep on travelling well
    see you soon


    Posté par cecile, 25 mai 2008 à 13:33 | | Répondre
  • admiratif

    dixit yann " elles sont trop belles les photos noir et blanc , je sais pas comment ils font..."

    Posté par cecile, 06 juin 2008 à 11:00 | | Répondre
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