11 juillet 2008

17. Kids' stories

Myanmar - 08/07/08  - from Sashko

Myanmar is an Asian country close to China, Laos, India, Thailand. Long time ago the country was in British colony. The capital now is Yangon, not exactly - the government changed it to another small city but this is not so popular. When Myanmar was a British colony, the name was changed to Burma. That's why it is not so polite to say 'Burma', even though some people call it like that. Well, in fact the British did a lot of good things, they build beautiful schools, churches, railways and roads. The government of Myanmar is not good at all. The story is long but I will tell you just some main parts. There is a woman which received Nobel prize. She was fighting a lot for peace, on some votes she got 85% but the government didn't let her to have her party in power. She is now in home arrest. It is now military the official government with only a few people (like 5) controlling Myanmar. In fact Myanmar is a very good friend of China which also does not have a good government but better. The two countries trade a lot because Myanmar has a lot of precious stones and other things. The government ONLY take it and sell it for money that go to HIM. The Chinese built a lot of roads but Myanmar government built little roads, very bad. He also built rails but on some parts. Two times a year the train falls from them. The rest of the rails are from the British...

The Atlanta hotel - 10/07/08 - from Sashko

You enter, on your left side is a small restaurant. If you go more straight you will see the reception and the stairs going up. There is also a door in front of you and a garden. You climb up 63 steps, you are on the 4th floor of the 56 years old hotel. There is a room C12 - ours, with 2 small bed and 1 double bad. And then in the garden there is a ... swimming pool! We swam today a few minutes before breakfast. Then a few hours after breakfast. Then another few hours after lunch. And after dinner - jumping and resting in the water in the dark night. First we jumped from 60 cm, then 2m and at the end from 3m high, from the roof of the covered garden.

Myanmar and kids' park - 08/07/08  - from Mira (with the spelling from the Author)

Today we went to a kids' park with many bridges, slides and swings. We played a lot and had much fun. Now Myanmar bay, bay you are so beautiful but badly I have to leave but I am also happy because soon I will see Bulgaria. Well we saw Yangoon, Mandalay, Hsipo, Inle Lake, Kalo, Bagan. And evry thing was beautiful exsept the goverment boooo booooo boooo. I think I will come back. Not only that I am sad but I am also exsited and happy that soon we will be in the supermarket in France baying chocolate, yougurt, butter, pizza, french fries and things like that.

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    Mnogo tseluvki ot Sana!!!!!


    Ot malak ti se vazhishtavam na prikazkite, no sega pak me shashna kolko hubavo pishesh!!!

    Tsunkam te i te gushkam!

    Mila Mira,

    Sega si hapvam pizza zaradi teb. Mnogo tseluvki i pregradki ti izprashtam.

    Obicham vi i vi tseluvam mnogo,


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  • Sladki, mili detsa

    Mili Sashko i Mira,

    Kak moje da ste detsa, a tolkova razumni i tolkova madri!

    Mnogo sme gordi sa vas, radvame se za hubavite izjiviavania koito imate, za tova kolko nezavisimo i svobodno zvuchite.

    Just because of your notes Myanmar has entered into history and I don't know if it will be able to exit any time soon... Pitaite mama Nina chii e tozi biser, no e absoliutno validen za sluchaia sashto ; )

    Obichame vi mnogo i vi pozdraviavame vsichki!

    Sana, lelja Minka, Vlady

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