11 avril 2008

9. Mira and Sashko' s story

Sashko’s story My birthday – 06/04/2008

In the morning, while still in bed, I received 2 cards, chocolate and 1 new bike RAM (in a drawing only – I will receive the real one in Bulgaria). The breakfast in Wu Wei Si temple was made as if for me – with small sweet dumplings. Later, while we were training Kung Fu, everyone was giving me sweets. In the afternoon break, mum and Damien told us, "Lets go for a walk in the forest… together with you", "Oh, aaah, we don't want!", ‘Yes, you will’ – they replied firmly. When we entered in the forest mum said we can play and they, with Damien, will walk a little. With Mira we started to make a trap – we were digging a hole and collecting sticks. After a while mum asked us to go for a walk. Of course I didn't want as I wanted to play but what to do… When I reached Damien, mum and Mira I saw a chocolate cake with 10 candles and many other sweets. Fieuuuuuu – I blew the candles! There was a blue book and a blue pen next to Mira – this was my present from her. In the evening I tried to read the first chapter of the book but I didn't understand it. There was lots of difficult English words –it’s a pity but maybe mum will help me…

Mira’s story – 04/04/2008

Today we woke up in the morning and we had to leave the hotel where we arrived yesterday. But exactly that day we saw that there were rabbits and hens in the garden – but in cages. We watched them for a while and after I said to Sashko "Do you want to go and hide somewhere, because otherwise mum and Damien will force us to do our homework" So because of that I brought Sashko to the upper floor and there we were hiding and nobody saw us. After Sashko asked me: "Let’s take mecheto and zaicheto!" But I told him, "I am not sure we took them". I went and looked and looked for them but at the end mum told me we left them in the Wu Wei Si temple...

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    happy birthday sashko!!

    hello sashko
    happy birthday!
    what an uncommon birthday, in a temple, gettig up early to have kung fu lesson!!
    cecile+ yann

    Posté par cecile+yann, 13 avril 2008 à 16:10 | | Répondre
  • hey!
    did nina got lost?
    she is not on the photos, unusually...

    Posté par cecile+yann, 17 avril 2008 à 22:09 | | Répondre
  • честит рожден ден

    Happy Birday Sashko !

    At the end, did you manage to escape from home work ?


    Posté par PK, 18 avril 2008 à 00:04 | | Répondre
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