30 avril 2008

11. Wu Wei Si week 2 & 3 - China

5h30: 1st gong –you cannot miss it as we are sleeping 10 meters from it Till

6.15h – monotoneous singing of the boys of the temple – during that time we are slowly slowly waking up – our body reminding us of the 5 hours exercises of the past day

6.15h – 6.30h: finally we get up

6.30h – 7.45h: after the prayer the boys of the temple go for a short morning walk and start their exercises. During that time we go for a walk in the forest, trying to catch the sunrise. 

7.45h: we quickly run back to the temple to wake up the kids in order to be ready for the 8h breakfast

8.00h: breakfast – after the blessing from the Master everybody is rushing on his bawl of pasta

9.00h – 12.00h: morning session – after 1 hour stretching and warm up we practice our Kung Fu and Thai Chi form

12.00h: lunch

12.30h – 16.00h: afternoon break. It means afternoon nap for the boys of the temple, followed by some study; for Sashko and Mira it means usually travel book and homework activity; for us it means small walk in the forest where Damien is playing guitar, Nina is studying French or we are just hiding from the kids, eating biscuits 16.00h-18.00h: training 2nd session

18.00h: dinner

19.00h-21.00h: quiet time before going to bed - Nina and the kids in their room and Damien in the opposite wing of the temple.

We liked it so much in this temple that we stayed 3 weeks instead of the originally planned 1 week... It’s not that we are crazy about Kung Fu or Thai Chi but we liked the place, we liked the people living there. You can feel the spirit and the authority of the Master. And it’s also very pleasant to improve the physical capability of your body, to learn to control it better.

The Taichi and KungFu we are learning in Wu WeiSi are close to the Cheng style, which is not so far from the martial arts of the Shaolin Temple- trust me I checked that point for the experts that you are !!

Sashko managed to break his hand... Not during a Kung Fu fight but bravely: falling down on a stone path inside the Temple... He has one or two small bones cracked on his hand. We were lucky to have in the temple a Canadian doctor from Polish origin to check Sashko and to give instructions for the shape of the plaster. We were double lucky to have a German carpenter working in Korea to make the "plaster" from a piece of wood. We were triple lucky to have some medicinal plant from the Master to remove the inflammation (and we were also lucky to have with us the son of a French doctor to put around the tree-plaster bandage and to fix it well to Sashko's hand).

At the moment we are in Kunming - a medium size chinese city (only 1.1M inhabitants). In order to have the pleisure to be here, we had to travel 40 hours, changing 6 busses(in fatc, for visa reason, we needed to cross the Lao -Chinese boarder in order to stay longer in China and we are here for a few days in order to make our Burmese and Thai visa- nothing really existing. We are also resting and taking some energy for the last part of the trip: the end is approaching little by little but still in front of us is one month of hiking and climbing in the mountains of Yunnan and Sishuan and one month in the mysterious country of Myanmar...

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    Juste ...

    Juste un petit bonjour!
    M'ferais bien 6 semaines dans le temple, moi. Et franchement c'est trop fort les plantes du maitre (Sensei?) pour soigner l'inflammation.
    Des photos pleines de serenite et la serenite c'est pas trop ce qu'il y a autour de nous par ici. Avez-vous ressenti le Qi? Et la connexion avec l'univers a travers la meditation?
    Le programme a venir est excitant et en plein coeur de l'actualite. Bon voyaaaaaaaage!!!


    Posté par Etienne, 02 mai 2008 à 15:51 | | Répondre
  • dimanche

    mmmmmm la Chine; à l'heure où les médias français se déchaînent contre le pays, vos photos apportent une teinte de douceur à la lisière entre rêve et réalité;
    j'aime bcp la photo "nina practising", l'ombre semble dévoiler un kanji

    il fait beau en Norvège, Jules est mono-thématique ("la balle") et le ventre de Carmen s'arrondit de jours en jours (la balle)

    grosses bises

    Posté par les norvegos, 04 mai 2008 à 10:21 | | Répondre
  • I still can not realize of what size should be your backpacks if you have Shashko's and Mira's and Nina's textbooks! For me the story about your practises was so impressive ! I was sure that such adventure is possible for Uma Turman only... I think at the end I will take another vacation to come to Bulgaria or France to listen to your stories and to touch you personally, the heroes! You do not go to Tibet? It is a pity...

    Posté par Olena, 04 mai 2008 à 17:58 | | Répondre
  • coucou
    toujours a fond dans le kung fu?
    pendant ce temps la, on est en france, a se rechauffer au soleil, et profiter des ponts du mois de mai (cette année c est pas des pont, mais des viaducs!!)

    Posté par cecile+yann, 06 mai 2008 à 22:59 | | Répondre
  • Impressive "poses"

    we are impatient to see you again with your new "skills", very impressive !!

    Good luck to Sashko (fortunatly some time before enjoying his new bike in Bulgaria !)


    Posté par les guillemouche, 09 mai 2008 à 14:03 | | Répondre
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